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Just joined the community,
Thought I'd share something I wrote while listening to Circle over and over (I know it's a Slipknot song but Corey Taylor RULES!!!)
Looking into the mirror for answers that are already floating around
She wonders to herself what could be
She touches the face in the reflection and only feels coldness
Gracing her fingertips that slowly creeps down her arm and infiltrates her being
Staring at the reflection examining details too small to the naked eye
For she sees within
Deeper than human eyes would ever dare or want to see
And it's only after she has finally seen who she really is
What is creeping around underneath the surface of flesh and blood
Can she see within another
No longer looking at others around her with the same focus, the same set of eyes
For she has been given a new perspective. A new vision, a new sight.
And she can see things within another that not even they know or understand about themselves
She makes a choice: to use it to her advantage, to exploit the weakness of another
Or use her visions to change the future. With one word whispered so low it's inaudible
passing by, with a touch barely felt, grazing the flesh of another she imparts into them wisdom, revelation
And understanding that she herself has only begun to learn.
I can see your hurt
I can see your desires
I know what beats within
I know the fears that keep you awake at night
I know the dreams that float through your mind even during the most mundane moments
I see your deeds
I see your sins
I feel your passions
I know your lusts
I am all consumed with the things within you you don't understand
And if you look into my eyes, you will see.
You will see what is to be, what is meant, what was prophesied
and I shall show you the way
To bring those things about
That have burned within you for so long.
Gnawed, fought, risen to the surface
Only to be suffocated by what you thought was right.
For I see a part of you that you never existed
Embrace me...let me out. Let me in. And I shall show you things unimaginable
Things you never thought could come to existance.
But you must look into these eyes.
Listen for that whisper.
Acknowledge the touch
Before I can complete my work.
For it is not through another that will bring you focus..
But through that other, I will show you
And be see through your eyes.
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