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Stone Sour - New Album, Tour Coming Soon

STONE SOUR frontman Corey Taylor (SLIPKNOT) has posted the following message regarding the band's happenings:


Well, it's been nearly 3 years (for obvious reasons), but the wheels are starting to turn slowly on the machine that is Stone Sour! Updates galore and more in store as we begin the pre-production process, so listen up.

- Dave Fortman (MUDVAYNE) has signed on to produce our sophomore album.

- Recording is set to start Jan. 25th, 2006 in an undisclosed bunker somewhere in America.

- 30+ songs/demos have been written, with a lot more to follow.

- Hopeful to tour starting April/May '06.
The five of us are really fuckin' stoked to begin. In fact, when I called them, my cohorts were really enthusiastic about talking to me...

Josh: (click)
Shawn: How'd you get this number?
Joel: Who is this again?
Jim: Please, leave me alone Corey, not today...

Well, they WERE enthusiastic until they answered the phone. Anyway, more to come soon, people. Thanks for staying with us. To everyone we've been talking to on the road that asked us "When's the new STONE SOUR

To quote our unofficial mascot, the honorable J.J. 'Rec' Set, Jr.- 'Bear down on it and give it hell!'

Don't ask: I had chili for lunch.

Love and Madness"

Source: SMNnews.com
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